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Phalanx takes visual chat to the next level. With legacy support for Palace servers, avatars, Iptscrae Scripting, and authoring, Phalanx is the most advanced visual chat system, ever. Unlike older clients, Phalanx is optimized for current-day technology, and it's interface is simple yet powerful. It has a small memory footprint, and isn't succeptable to many of the old security flaws of the past.

We are constantly eliminating bugs and adding new features to Phalanx, so you never have to worry that the software you're using today will be abandoned in the future. Phalanx will never leave you stranded in Palace space.

“Phalanx... the most advanced visual chat system, ever.”

(thought bubble animation)Animated speech bubbles are just a few of the new features you'll find in Phalanx. These animated "thought" and "spikey" bubbles add a little bit of extra movement to the experience. You can also swap out your very own themes, smiley faces, and create avatars with Phalanx's built-in prop editor. Phalanx also comes stock with three new sets of emoticons, so no more :( faces! And, if you like to express yourself with sound, Phalanx has you covered with a complete set of custom sounds. Going away for a minute? Phalanx allows you to set a custom away message, which will be delivered to anyone who tries to talk to you until you return.
(metamorphics animation)Special effects like metamorphics make Phalanx fun to use and nice to look at. When you enable this feature, your avatar will "blur" as you move from spot to spot. This is also helpful to see where people have moved to in a crowded room. Along with metamorphics, you can also enjoy full-color room backgrounds and avatars. All of this, when also combined with anti-aliased door outlines and balloons, give the environment a crisp, more refined look and feel. Check out the rest of the awesome features and download Phalanx now!

user testimonials

"Everyone said palace is dead. Everywhere you looked the user count dropped. Thanks to Phalanx it's rising again. Phalanx helped to boost my palace's popularity from 50 to 250 Users! People are joyfully awaiting the next release with more features, of which palace just dreamt of. If bugs are found there's a fix soon after discovery thanks to active development. What more can you wish for? Greetings from Germany! ^_~"

"Over all 5 stars better av's better pics and runs much faster and more stable then the old palace. Can't wait to see more!"

"Phalanx makes me randy."
-Scott Hilger

"at first i was skeptical about phalanx, a new client to get used to and try to learn after i had finally gotten everything down with the old palace client. after downloading and using phalanx, all my skepticism went out the door. it couldn't have been easier to use and understand. everything was streamlined, the overall look and feel is not only better than the palace client, but customizable to what the user wants in terms of color choices and smilie sets. animated baloons, colored logs, virtually NO LAG (!!!), and tons of other customizable features have definitely made this my client of choice."
-Kyle, KoRn KoRner

"Phalanx is the start of something good, that I can see growing much, much, more..and we can all say, "PPPSSSHHHHHHH, I knew PX wayyyy back in the day" and get mad props from the people at the local GameStop or EB."
-project mayhem

"I wouldn't be where I am today without phalanx. THANKS PHALANX!"
-Nathan Thompson

"Phalanx has always been a part of my life since PR1. I didn't start using it until PR2 though, and I have to say now I'm replacing my palace client with it. Phalanx isn't just a replacement for Palace: It's it's evolution!"

"Overall I really prefer phalanx over palace any day. So much more stable and it runs well for me. When i d/led it...all my props and sounds transferred over to the new version without a problem...even though i made a back up just in case. Thanks for making my Phalanx online experience even better!"
-~jo~, KoRn KoRner

"Thanks for creating PX BHLabs, it is an honor to respectfully use the program to meet others and make friends!"
-Darrell Nichols

"i waited about a year to use px because i didnt have windows xp, the minute i got xp i started using px, at first it was hard to get used to a new client but after about a week of using it i would never go back to using a standard palace client. if your into makeing alot of pic avs, theres no easier way to do it then using px. i also enjoy all the customizeable options from themes for the whole client down to colored name tags. ive been chatting/modding on palaces for over 8 years and i can deffinatly say this is the future for palace chat. if you dont have px yet, i strongly suggest you give it a try."
-Tim Earnest

"I've been using Phalanx for one and a half to two years and I have loved it the entire time. It it much more stable then palace first off. I hated how you would have to ask a friend "Am I missing?" for every prop you imported but now, paste it in, and wah-la you have all your props."
-Doug Moser

"Phalanx is a new and exciting way to meet new people and reconnect with friends and family! Imagine being able to see a visual representation of someone while you are chatting with them in real time!"
-Shawn Peters


• Microsoft ® Windows
  (NT, XP, 2000, or 2003)
• 233 Mhz processor
• 64 Mb of ram
• 10 Mb of disk space
• 24 bit color video card

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