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The latest version of Phalanx should begin downloading now. If it does not start automatically, please click here.

welcome to the community

We would like to welcome you to our online community! Please join our online discussion of Phalanx and whatever else is on your mind in our community forums.

how to install

Phalanx will soon be downloaded to your desktop. Double-click on the installer icon [?] to begin the installation process. If you're not sure what to do from here on, just follow these easy instructions. You may cancel the installation at any time by clicking the cancel button.

  1. Select your language and click OK. [?]
  2. Read the welcome and overview messages, then to continue click Next. [?]
  3. Read the license agreement, and if you agree, click I Agree to continue. [?]
    Note: If you do not agree, click cancel (This will cancel the installation.)
  4. Choose which components you would like to have installed. Greyed-out components are required. Click next to continue. [?]
  5. Select the location where you would like to have Phalanx installed. Most people just install it to the default location. Click next to continue. [?]
  6. You may now select the start menu name for Phalanx. If you do not wish to have a start menu shortcut, just check the option to not create a shortcut. Click install to begin copying files. [?]
  7. Once files are finished copying, click the next button. [?]
  8. If you've installed Phalanx before in the past, you may get a message to back up your files (such as props and other settings). [?]
  9. If you would like to back up these files and settings, click yes and the backup wizard will back everything up for you. Click OK to continue. [?]
  10. Your installation should now be complete. Click finish and enjoy! [?]

how to uninstall (if you must!)

If you wish to uninstall Phalanx, we of course will be very sad, but we'll help you with these easy instructions. If you are uninstalling Phalanx because you dislike something, whether it be a feature, lack of a feature, or a bug - we ask that you please take the time to talk to us about it! We most likely will be able to fix it.

The uninstaller application can be found in the same directory as Phalanx, or (if you selected this option during setup) in the Start Menu under Phalanx → Uninstall. Double-click on this to begin the uninstallation process, and follow the instructions below. You may cancel at any time by clicking the cancel button.

  1. Read the welcome and overview message, and when you're ready to begin, click the next button. [?]
  2. The next window you see will just be to confirm that you want to uninstall the files associated with Phalanx. Click uninstall to begin uninstallation. [?]
  3. Uninstalling Phalanx will delete all files associated with the program, including your props and settings. To back these files up, you may click yes on the backup wizard window. [?] If you do not wish to back these files up, you may click no.
  4. If you clicked yes to back up your files, the wizard will back them up automatically and place them in your old Phalanx directory. Click the OK button to continue. [?]
  5. The uninstaller will now begin to delete the files (except any you may have backed up). Once completed, you may click the next button to continue. [?]
  6. Phalanx has now been completely uninstalled from your computer. Click finish to exit the uninstallation wizard. [?]


• Microsoft ® Windows
  (NT, XP, 2000, or 2003)
• 233 Mhz processor
• 64 Mb of ram
• 10 Mb of disk space
• 24 bit color video card

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